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Fashion designer and owner of MOSH design is only twenty-five but she has already proved that hard work, passion and self-confidence pay off.

When she was a little girl, she used to sew and design clothes for her dolls. Later on, she began designing for herself and friends. She fascinated people with her own sense of style. Designing and sewing are both her innate passion. It is what she feels and loves the most.

She has knowingly chosen management faculty at the university because it allowed her to set up her  company with full responsibility.

Her customer’s satisfaction is her biggest driving force. She is motivated when her customer feels unique in her gowns.

A famous person once said, when seeing her design: „Do it! You’ve got talent”.  These words motivated her to the extent that on the next day (16th December, 2013), without thinking about consequences, she started her company.

She gets invited to fashion shows and galas. Her main goal is to show that gowns should also be woman’s second skin which brings out our feminine beauty, elegance and class.

Passion and confidence – it’s MOSHdesign